Christian Women in the Marketplace

This weekend I will be privileged to speak to Christian Women in the Marketplace in Marietta, Georgia.  My topic is “The New Face of Hospitality.”  There is such a loss in this new, fast-paced generation of fellowship in our homes.  I think as women we try to do so much that we don’t leave time for entertaining, mentoring and gathering together with friends, family, neighbors, even stangers.  There is such a difference when we meet out as compared to having people in our homes, which is an intimate occasion.  Why do you think that is?   I challenge you to invest in making your home hospitable for your husband and your kids as well as others.  Mentor a younger woman.  Invest your time, talents and gifts in others, if it’s just once a month or even once a quarter … I challenge you!

Maybe you can come to Marrietta.  If so, please come introduce yourself to me.  If not, I will continue to share insights through my blog!




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