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This week I spoke to a MOPS group of women on the topic of Holiday Tablescapes, Decorating and Hospitality.  While researching all the gorgeous photos of this stunning time of year, I thought I would share some with you.  Nature alone gives so much inspiration, it’s difficult not to see incredible colors, textures, tastes and smells wherever you go!  Here are a few photos that show seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers and foods that make up this delicious season.  Get creative and use rustic branches with crystal, blues and purples with the reds and oranges.  As you decide on how to decorate your home for Thanksgiving, remember to invite others into your home to share the beauty of the season. Make an effort to invite others over with the sole purpose of encouraging and refreshing them, and that will be worth “thanksgiving.”

Autumn Cottage

All photos from Southern Living, Pottery Barn and Autumn Cottage.




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