Up and Going

I am so excited to have my website up and I’m ready to entertain you with my mishaps in the interior design world, my attempt to be hospitable and teach others the importance of hospitality, design fabulous and very gaudy tablescapes when allowed, and even cook a bit if it ties into design, hospitality, entertaining, friends and family! I absolutely love making any space beautiful, unique and absolutely, without a doubt, resemble the homeowner to the tee! Your house is about you and everything you do in that private and personal space should represent you and what is important to you. Sometimes My role is to help a client discover who they are and what they want to “reveal” in their home. I look forward to also introducing you to my favorite local artists here in Nashville. My family loves art, whether making it or viewing, or eating it! Art can be so many things, whatever you desire to create! And speaking of eating, I love food and will often share fabulous foods and incredible ways to present them, since after all, it is all about making EVERYTHING beautiful, even food! Life is too short to be boring, so make all things beautiful and others will feel special because of the extra touch and time you take to make it so. I look forward to sharing my ideas for design, experiences, family and faith with all who care to listen! Let’s start this beautiful, creative journey! Ready, set, go!

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2 Responses to Up and Going

  1. Dana Tucker says:

    Kim, the site looks great! Your photography is very good and I love the perspective of the photos. I also love all the textures. Nice job! Looking forward to following your blog.

    Dana Tucker

  2. Debbie Gregory says:

    I am so excited to see your design adventures and ideas. You are so creative and inspiring. Kim has helped me decorate a beautiful business dinner table at my home..Kim – you need to post those pictures. The guests are still talking about the stunning and beautiful table. Kim is also helping me decorate my house for my Mom’s Sunday School party I am hosting at my house. Her ideas and gift of “pulling it all together” is a blessing and relief to me. I am in California on business and she is setting up the event – all will be beautiful and ready when I get home. She is “letting my house speak” for me! Thanks Kim – I know we “speak the same language” and I need an extention of myself at this time in my life. You are a blessing!

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