2014: Highlights from A Fabulous Year Part I

2014 has been such a roller coaster ride and my best year ever!  I have met so many people who have made me a better Mom, friend, daughter, sister, wife and Interior Designer.  By having the privilege of entering others’ homes, their personal space and the place they love so dearly, a relationship is born that changes me, educates me, and inspires me.

One of my favorite projects was a Master bathroom remodel on the third story of a condo in Green Hills.  The client had moved here from Chicago and was absolutely delightful.  She has traveled the world and brought back items that touched her and became a part of her home.  As you walk through her condo, each piece you lay your eyes on has a story, a depth, a character that describes who she was and what she loved.

Here are before photos showing lovely green floral wallpaper, a large, dated bathtub, gold accents, and a cramped shower.

We tore out everything! It was amazing seeing the creativity of the contractor in setting up a pulley system to get everything out the third story window and into a dumpster.

Construction zone

Construction zone

The client wanted no tub and a large shower with a bench plus lots of storage.  We took out existing shower and took down the wall separating the toilet from the rest of the space.  Once we had the space totally opened up, we were able to add a nice size vanity with lots of storage.  He other request was a clean, modern palette and simple lines using whites and creams.

And the finished Space:


One of the great features of this shower is that the other side of that half wall has the shower controls so you can turn it on and get it the right temperature without even getting wet! The hook right outside the shower is also very helpful to hold a towel.IMG_0343 IMG_4468 IMG_4466IMG_0343IMG_4482


Another thing we did was build in drawers and cabinetry in the bedroom, backing into where the bathroom closet was previously.  We also moved the TV to the other side of the door and mounted it on the wall for better viewing from anywhere in the room. IMG_4468

Another feature is a second handheld shower handle and bench.

Faucet detail

Faucet detail


The faucets were chosen because of their simple, modern look as well as smooth touch.  The client loved the hardware, and the small knobs fit perfectly in her hands…it’s the little things that matter so much!

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The True Interior Space

It’s always amazing how I can tie pretty much anything to interior design. While sitting in church on Sunday, the pastor spoke on I Samuel 16:7 which says, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him.  The Lord does not look at the outward appearance, but The Lord looks at the heart.”  He was speaking about David when he was chosen to replace King Saul as King over Israel.  God knew his heart which was so much more important than his stature and looks.

That verse really got me thinking:  So often we put more time and energy into what is on the exterior and don’t worry about what is on the interior.  With our homes we can have the most beautiful interior spaces, with all the finest furnishings, artwork, antique rugs, gorgeous colors and fabrics – which in this application will represent what’s on the exterior – but if there is stress, anger, depression, anxiety, worry – when people walk into our homes, they “feel” what’s going on inside.  You can have the largest home, in the best location, and the most beautifully designed space, but if no one wants to be inside it, who cares what it looks like.  Our homes are gifts to share, not only with our immediate families, but for all who enter.

We have the ability, especially as Women and Moms, to set the tone for our home.  What do you want the “tune” to be that plays to those who enter?  Do you want your home to be a home of encouragement, joy, refreshment?  Think about what is truly important to you.  Is it a peaceful, safe, loving home?  Is it a place full of laughter and fun?  I encourage you to do whatever you can to make your home a place you desire to come home to.  Spend the time and energy on what is really important, a home that “speaks” your language.

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Zerolandfill Nashville

This is one of my favorite events of the year!

ZeroLandfill™ is an award winning upcycling program held seasonally that supports the supply needs of local artists and arts educators while reducing pressure on local landfill capacity.  Since 2006, the ZeroLandfill™ project team has partnered with the architectural and interior design community in identifying, diverting from local landfills and re-purposing back into the community over 1 million pounds of expired specification samples that hold value for other audiences.  ZeroLandfill™ projects, inspired by the NE Ohio experience are at work in a number of cities across the country.

The local interior design associations of ASID and IIDA , as well as Turnip Green Creative Reuse, partner together to gather all discontinued or expired samples of materials from interior design and architecture firms, such as tile, glass, wood, fabrics, wallpaper, laminates, stone, paint samples, etc. on two consequetive Fridays, April 19 and 26.  On Saturday, April 20 and 27 we allow anyone to come pick up these samples for FREE!  There is a fantastic selection for daycares, churches, schools, artists, art programs, homeschoolers, and all types of craftspeople who need supplies, and did I mention … FREE!  Our purpose is to keep all these samples out of the landfill.

If you or your organization has any need of these products, please come by this weekend or next weekend and stock up!  I look forward to seeing you and see what you create with this product.  If you would like to volunteer, please come help us with that also.

1641 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN.

We will post some of the items created with the upcycled product throughout the year.


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The Many Personalities of Granite

2013-03-12 12.52.18I absolutely love remodeling projects, especially my favorite, kitchens! While working with a client this week on her kitchen remodel, we had confirmed the space plan and were at the stage of selecting granite.  We looked at several photographs and inspiration pictures, and she couldn’t seem to decide whether to go with dark cabinetry or light.  We knew that the granite selection should be the piece of the puzzle to push the decision in one direction or another.  Choosing granite can be overwhelming today with the  numerous varieties on the market.

2013-03-12 12.53.23

One thing to ask yourself, what is your personality? Granite can definitely put off energy with lots of movement and an eratic pattern, and therefore make some nervous and anxious.  If you or someone in your family has something such as ADD, a busy granite would not be a good fit in the main family areas of the house.  In what space is the granite going?  Media rooms can have more fun and energy than you may want, for example, in your Master Bath that is intended to be more relaxing and serene.  Here are a few examples of granite with lots of pattern.  Look and see how each one makes you respond.

2013-03-12 12.48.30

2013-03-12 12.47.40

2013-03-12 12.52.04

Here are a few examples of granite that is a bit quieter.  Which do you prefer?

2013-03-12 12.51.23

2013-03-12 12.49.58

2013-03-12 12.50.31

Choosing granite is exciting and can be such an exhilerating experience! It’s an absolutely beautiful stone created by the true Creator, which makes it even more breathtaking!  Nature has always been the most inspirational tool for design!  The granite is a perfect component that can pull the room together.  Once my client saw a slab of granite that “spoke” to her, she immediately knew it was the one.  After that, it was simple to select the best cabinetry color that complimented the stone, and the backsplash material pulled out the quiet colors ripples throughout the slab.  I hope you enjoy your process and choose a stone that makes you feel good every time you enter the room!

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Interior Design Delights for 2013

AmericasMart in Atlanta this past week was packed with Interior Designers and their clients from all across the Country.  It was wonderful to feel the energy and hear the excitement among the attendees about the upcoming year of design.  It was also a lot of fun learning that Nashville, my home town, is apparently the new “it” city – so crazy.  While trying to stay focused amidst all the jewelry, furs, clothes, AND furnishings, I talked with several vendors and noticed a few trends for this year, which I am excited to share with you!

(1) Numbers and Letters used to personalize your home:

Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 226

Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 229

(2) The use of hyde on curtains, pillows, furniture, and lamp shades. Hyde can be used in a traditional or more modern space very easily.

(3) Acrylic furniture, lighting and accessories used with rope, leather and hyde.  I even saw antlers made of acrylic.

(4) Recycled and reused woods and metals were seen in several applications, not only on walls but on headboards, in lighting and furniture.

(5) Owls are still very popular in all aspects of design.  Also animals heads, such as deer and rhinoceros, are used mounted on walls in all sizes out of several varieties of materials.

(6) Materials from metal flowers, wire circles, and ceramics were used as wall art, making a stunning wall display.

I hope you enjoy some of the images from Market and you try something new in your home to make you more comfortable, more peaceful, or just plain happy.

Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 234 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 236 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 237 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 240 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 241 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 245 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 250 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 252 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 251 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 260 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 261 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 262 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 264 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 263 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 265 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 277 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 279 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 281 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 286 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 287 Jan. 2013 Iphone pics 292All photos taken by Kim Costner of Kmpact Design, LLC.

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Give the Gift of Interior Design

Holly Hunt Showroom in Chicago

Give the Gift of Interior Design this year for a perfect Christmas gift!

For the New Year, start off by making interior improvements to your home. Not only will you add value to your home, you will feel better when you walk through the door every day and your home is organized, serene and lovely, representing all that your love and enjoy.

Interior design is also a perfect gift for those on your list who need a unique gift, for example:

Newly married couple needing some direction on their first home?

Newly graduated son or daughter in need of a vision for a more grown-up space?

Teenager needing to transition from that cute, elementary room to a more sophisticated, cool space?

Baby on the way and need a sweet room with all that the new Mommy  and baby needs?

Parents of teenagers needing a hang out space for the kids?

Empty-nesters wanting to update or remodel their home to better meet their new place in life?

3d Design to capture the vision of a remodel or room redo?

Older parents needing to transition their home to be more safe and functional for aging in place, which would allow them to stay in their home longer?

Even a gift to yourself for that long overdue update to the room of your choice?

Resources, inspiration, guidance, expertise?

Interior Design is the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas List!




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Design Bloggers Conference

The stage set in the main conference room

I guess I was so overwhelmed in LA at the Design Bloggers Conference, I totally shut down!  The event was an incredible opportunity of learning from some of the best interior design bloggers.  I have a few pictures to share of the beautiful lobby and history meeting room in the Biltmore Hotel, as well as several speakers.

I was able to meet and speak with the famous interior designer, Bunny Williams, who had just been in Nashville to honor and speak at the opening of the Albert Hadley Exhibit at the Nashville Public Library.

Bunny Williams

Another interior designer I love to follow is Tobi Fairley.  She had taken all the opportunities of interior design and made an incredible business of not only designing, but also teaching, training, and so much more.

Tobi Fairley

Every so often, my ADD self would get distracted by the beautiful surroundings.  This is a small section of the ceiling … stunning!

ceiling detail

I had to include this shot even though it is dark because this sweet man was so charming and entertaining, I would hire him as my designer in a heartbeat, just to hear his accent!  He told us how he came to LA to get into movies, which did not work out.  He ended up helping a lady with her daughter’s wedding, and for payment, asked to come to the wedding.  Low and behold, he sat next to Cheryl Tiegs, who hired him to design her home, and the rest was history.  He now designs for Elton John, Cher, and numerous other famous people.  He would laugh at himself in such a humble way, I wish you could have been there!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

another gorgeous interior shot

Me and my friend, Camille Moore


Hopefully now that I’ve gotten back in the swing of things, I’ll be blogging more often now! Stay tuned!



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Designer Bloggers Conference

This should be an incredible event in LA!

I cannot wait to attend this Design Bloggers Conference this next week!  As you know I’m not to consistent at blogging.  Looking forward to getting you more information on interior design in a very entertaining and informative fashion!  Stay tuned!

I’ll post from the conference so you can enjoy the speakers and topics and learn from interior design greats such as Bunny Williams and Tobi Fairley right along with me.




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I Love Valentine’s Day

I think Valentine’s Day is so fabulous because it gives us all an excuse to eat chocolate, be romantic, wear hot, passionate red and eat Italian with no guilt!   Dark Chocolate (with a touch of cayenne) and tulips are my choices of deliciousness.

I found inspiration for a chocolate Tablescape from a Southern Living article, which shows the picture from above.  The next few pictures show a tablescape I did for a client for a business luncheon she was having at her home.  We used her grandmother’s china that had a chocolate brown floral motif.  To make it a little more contemporary we added silver square chargers, framed in by traditional silver flatware.  The centerpieces are brilliant red tulips in a glass vase surrounded by coffee beans (make sure you air out the coffee beans for atleast a week before use to decrease their potent smell).  I painted cardstock placecards in red tones, stamped the guests’ names on them and placed the cards on kitkat candybars to hold them up.  Votives were filled with chocolate chips so that when they were lit the smell of chocolate filled the air .. yummy!  We topped off the place setting with a pop of red using a large gerber daisy – stunning!



Remember that when a table looks delicious and inviting, the food tastes so much better!  According to my client, the guests talked for weeks about the table, not about the food – yeah!  Take the time to make your table, floor, bedroom, coffee table, or wherever you want to spread out a romantic meal, and make it look beautiful with fresh flowers, candles, soft music, and you have a perfect Valentine’s evening for someone special. It’s amazing how surprised people are when they see the effort you put forth “just for them.”  Go ahead, make someone’s day!

Have a very special Valentines Day!


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2012 Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville

The 2012 Antique & Garden Show in Nashville was a delight to all the senses.  From the moment I walked into the building I smelled the intense and intoxicating floral fragrances displayed en mass.  The entrance was bright and colorful with an odd sense of  whimsy.  Artist Mathilde Roussel specially created the exhibit with human forms made from planted wheat grass.

The displays of antiques, lighting, accessories, rugs, plants and garden sculptures were exciting and interesting to browse, along with all the other home and garden luxuries.  The show does a tremendous job introducing us to the first taste of Spring, even while it is snowing outside and 30 degrees!  I heard a fabulous lecture by Interior Designer Miles Redd whom I will blog about this week!

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