New Year, New you, New Home

Great kitchen for conversation

The year 2012 is your year to make your home exactly what you want! Does your home look like you? Does it make you feel comfortable, peaceful, welcome .. you know, right at home the minute you walk in?  I know when I’ve been on trips and return and walk into my front door it makes me feel so incredible – I love being home and feeling like my home wraps its arms around me and says, “Yeah, you are back where you belong…welcome home!”

If your home does not make you feel like you just walked into the most comfortable, serene place, you need to make some changes.  What makes you feel good? Fabrics, color, art, texture, simplicity, organization?  Walk into your front door and wait … what does it feel like?  What do you want it to say?  Many entries say “go away!”  and some say “Welcome, sit down and stay awhile.”  How does color make you feel?  Smells, accessories, artwork?  Guests should walk into your home and feel as if they know you better; it’s like the puncuation point that verifies who you are as a person.


Jennifer Anniston at Home

One of my favorite homes! Love the purples, oranges and reds


One thing that’s on my “to do” list this year is to add seating to my living room so that it is much more conversational and comfortable for my large family and friends.  What is on your list to add, change or redo in your home?  Your home is such a blessing and it’s meant to be enjoyed with your husband, children, friends, neighbors, or whoever enters no matter the size or shape of your space.  Make a New Year’s Resolution to change what will make you and the ones you love feel welcome and comfortable.  Add a beautiful paint color, a rug, a piece of art, or the right piece of furniture to complete the space you need to make your home ready for others to come over.  If you need a place of peace and refuge, work on your bedroom and make it a serene haven to unwind at the end of a busy day.  Your home is an extension of you, so let it represent who you are and not a store, a photo, or anybody else.  Embrace your individuality, be bold and be you!


subtle beauty


Living up to a Legend

The wood, tile, fabrics and colors are warm and inviting



caba barkskin wallcoverings




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