Inspirations of Fall

I absolutely love Fall; I cannot believe it is already September!  I have enjoyed digging out my plethora of magazines and books celebrating the Season.  This weekend kicks off college football and its the first Auburn football game, which not only allows me to celebrate Auburn blue and orange, but begin celebrating everything else that depicts this fabulous time of year!  Everywhere I look I see the several shades of orange and blue – shoes, chairs, interiors and exteriors, fabrics, food and flowers.  The incredible shades of oranges, reds, golds, and even greens, browns and purples are absolutely stimulating!  I am wanting to clean, cook, decorate, and unfortunately EAT!  The smells are just as intoxicating as the visual and textural delight.  Take a minute and enjoy the orange and blue images and I hope you get inspired to celebrate the season with your own cooking, decorating and entertaining! War Eagle!

The colors of Auburn football


gorgeous wallpap

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