Color Trends 2011

I love color and I had a blast  listening to the CEU Webinar from Sherwin-Williams forecasting Color Trends for 2011.  An inexpensive and bold way to start the New Year is to paint a room in your home or office.   According to Sherwin-Williams, trendy is passe’.  I love the freedom in design right now.  Your home should represent you, your family, your heritage, your hobbies, your hope and desires.  Don’t be afraid to let your home mirror who you are in a powerful way.  There are four color palettes that were discussed in the Webinar and I will cover all four separately. The first and my absolute favorite color palette is called Restless Nomad.  These colors are sultry, exotic and primal. According to Jackie Jordan, this trend is popular because “everyone has a passport to wander the world, soaking up its flavors, images and colors, and stirring them into an eclectic global design stew, pairing Morocco and Turkey as well as Persian paisleys, exotic animal skins and Indonesian batiks.  Colors are all over the place, with dusky darks to hot vibrant pinks and reds, to earthy food-influenced hues that evoke eggplants and cabbages.”  Enjoy the images that beautifully represent the many layers of the Restless Nomad.

Into the Wild

A Modern Classic

Look at how beautifully all the colors and textures work together.

Living up to a Legend

The wood, tile, fabrics and colors are warm and inviting

Richard Shapiro ad

This is a great example of so many dramatic and vibrant textures

High Country

Layered in a rich mix of luxurious, cozy textures; fur throw is from Prada

Parisian Panache

What a fabulous wall covered in an 18th century shade of yellow silk

Grand Gestures

A folk art painting of a horse, once part of a barn, mounted on a track

Ebb & Flow/Rob Morrow's house

Gorgeous cozy yet industrial fireplace

Jennifer Anniston at Home

One of my favorite homes! Love the purples, oranges and reds

Jennifer Anniston at Home

Doesn't this look serene: water, lighting, warmth

Jennifer Anniston at Home

Bedroom uses soft colors with exotic reds and golds, as well as a wool and silk shag rug that is scrumptuous

Gerard Butler's kitchen

The kitchen backsplash and cabinetry were fashioned from leftover flooring materials; exotic yet elegant

Gerard Butler

Bedroom is a peaceful retreat surrounded with layers of stunning fabrics

Gerard Butler

The ceiling mural was painted on movie-poster paper covered in plexi-glass; the patina on the walls combine layers of tinted and textured plaster

I hope these pictures inspire you to add a little ethnic spice to your home!

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