Lake Life

For Spring Break and again over Easter we went to our lake house on Lake Martin in Dadeville, Alabama.  I didn’t grow up on the lake and it has taken me a few years to appreciate all it has to offer, but this lakehouse  is magical! My husband’s grandfather built this rustic cabin in 1947 on a beautiful point surrounded by water on three sides.  There is a large wooden table that seats what seems like dozens!  I think the motto is “the more the merrier” and there is always laughter and fun surrounding every meal!  In the summer we visit the charming store that provides delicious locally grown vegetables and fruits as well as gorgeous plants and herbs ..yummy!  Afterall, what is sweet fellowship without delicious southern cooking!

There is a sleeping porch that is an open air room that allows the breeze from the three points to refresh and keep us cool. We wake up hearing the waves, geese, and sometimes even annoying jet skis that are up and out way too early in the morning.  This past visit the nights were cool and breezy which is absolutely heavenly on the sleeping porch!  The downstairs has room for anyone you want to invite and some; beds seem to appear like manna.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard my mother-in-law turn away friends….true southern hospitality! 

canoeing to the island

While cruising around the lake I had to take pictures of the variety of houses and the architecture we see; each one is so unique:  


House on an island


Lake life allows everyone to relax, unwind, slow down and refresh.  The sunsets are soothing and serene, and this one even surprised us with an animal hidden within. 


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