The Nashville Antique & Garden Show



February 11-13 we had the 21st year of the Antique & Garden Show here in Nashville.  This event is recognized as the largest show in the country to combine both antiques and gardens.  The show offered over 150 antique and horticultural booths and landscaped gardens.  I have been going for several years and I have heard incredible keynote speakers such as Alexa Hampton, Michael Smith, and my all time favorite was The Duchess of Northumberland who wrote the book, The Making of The Alnwick Garden.  Her talk was absolutely riveting and I came right home and bought the book!    

This year I was fortunate to hear Cathy Whitlock. Cathy is a Nashvillian who is an interior designer and author.   


Cathy wrote a book, “Designs on Film, A Century of Hollywood Art Design.”  Cathy went through several photos of movie sets and discussed the intricacies of the set design. She even spoke about the set design has to be specific to the skin coloring of the actors – who knew!  I have always loved observing movie sets such as the home of Elizabeth Bennett in Pride & Prejudice, Cameron Diaz’ kitchen, well the entire house, in The Holiday, Julia Childs’ Paris home in Julie & Julia.    

Julia Childs' kitchen


Julie's outside rooftop patio




Cameron Diaz' kitchen/The Holiday



cameron Diaz' house/The HOliday



Pride & Prejudice living room



Pride & Prejudice dining room



Another one of my favorite home sets is out of the movie, Somethings Gotta Give.   

Diane Keaton/Somethings Gotta Give





Aren’t the sets in movies fun to observe.  One thing Cathy also said was that the house in the movie Gone with the Wind disguised a telephone pole in one of the trees.  Ha! what fun! Maybe I’ll get to design sets when I grow up!! Thank you Nashville for bringing such talented speakers to this venue so we can learn from their expertise!   



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